This step-by-step system is the key to dancing salsa like a seasoned professional and is attainable only through the 80-20 Salsa Method™
even if you feel like you have two left feet*
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Laura Flores and Del Dominguez
Founders of Salsa Dance Planet, Mixed Motion art Dance Academy, Salsa Gear Planet
Laura and Del have over 25 Years of combined experience dancing, teaching and performing across the world.

They are true students of Salsa and have committed themselves and their lives to share the joy of dance. Join the countless other students who have studied under their expert guidance.

Hello and welcome to Salsa Dance Planet (SDP)! We're beyond excited to have you here and can't wait to work with you to achieve your goal in learning to dance Salsa.

Our 80-20 Salsa Method is a sure-fire way to help you learn Salsa efficiently learn from the basic to the most complicated partnerwork and footwork patterns.
  • We've done the hard work for you. The 80-20 Salsa Method ensures that you know the correct essentials to develop your understanding of dance Salsa.
  • Leads and Follows, rejoice! Del and Laura specifically break down individual parts of important movements to ensure you feel confident with what is required to confidently execute every move.
  • Footwork and Partnering equally emphasized. Before you can confidently dance with another person, you must know how to dance yourself. SDP has tons of videos focusing on footwork as well as technique to increase your skills even further!
  • Musicality stressed. Dancing Salsa is a fun and rewarding experience. In order to reap the rewards of Salsa, you must develop your relationshiop with your main partner, the music!
  • Consistent feedback. Video seems impersonal, right? Well, fear not, Laura and Del will provide weekly opportunities to SDP Elite members to post in our member exclusive forums to get valuable feedback on what looks good as well as things that need attention. Feedback is invaulable!
We'll help you along the way and do our part to make you into the best Salsa dancer you can be!

Even better, SDP Elite members get fresh content on a monthly basis as well as monthly Q and A's to help with any questions or challenges with the material.

In order to provide an excellent experience, we limit the amount of new students who can join the SDP Elite. Don't miss your chance to join our next opening and join our other, satisfied ELITE members in our mission to provide a thriving online community of Salseros!
Sarah Jo
I've been taking classes for some time and I LOVE it! The classes are a great mix of technique and style. Del and Laura make sure you get individual feedback, so you never feel like you are being over looked. It's a wonderful community, very welcoming..
Under the direction of Del & Laura, you will build one layer at a time, efficiently improving as a dancer. They are no joke, they know their stuff ☝️😊
In addition to being fantastic instructors, Del & Laura are just great people! It's always clear they thoroughly have a passion for teaching dance. And they do it in a way that encourages their students to continually get better!
Not your ordinary online Salsa classes
As a member of the SDP Elite, you'll get direct contact with Del and Laura on your progress and join other like minded Salseros/as in a course that has been designed from the ground up to ensure gradual growth, consistent challenges and most importantly, fun!
Salsa Essentials: Getting Started with Dancing Salsa
Salsa is built upon core principles that make up the dance. In our Salsa Essentials, we teach you the necessary movements that allow you to gradually build up your Salsa skills from the ground up. Step by step, we'll increase difficulty and teach the most important moves to master for your Salsa success. Our 80-20 Salsa Method is in full effect in this course!

Shines Essentials: How To Get Educate Your Feet
It's been said that the essence of Salsa dancing is in the footwork. We couldn't agree more! We take footwork very seriously and we aim to show you essentials fancy footwork patterns, known as 'shines,' in order to educate your feet. In the process, you'll develop speed, dexterity and weigh shifting abilities that are essential for effective Salsa dancing.

Body Movement Essentials: How To Get Coordinate Your Body Movement
We get asked all the time to help our students look better while they dance Salsa. Most often, we find a lack coordination in our student's movement when they dance. In response, we've developed our Body Movement Essentials to help you understand the various components that go into a great looking basic step which also transfers over to the rest of your dancing.

Pachanga Essentials: How To Get Add Pachanga To Your Arsenal
Salsa dancing is like a big bowl of different flavors. The possibilities are truly endless once you go into the proverbial rabbit hole. We like to make well rounded dancers and have developed our Pachanga Essentials to teach you how to add funky movement to your shines and overall movement. James Brown would be proud. Let's get funky!

Cha Cha Essentials: Getting Started with Cha Cha
Mambo, which preceded the modern version of Salsa, used to be know as the 'Triple Step Mambo.' The Cha Cha and Salsa are intertwined and very similar in structure. The major difference is the music, which is slow and sexy and allows a playfulness due to the change in tempo. Our Cha Cha Essentials will introduce the building blocks to get you started dancing Cha Cha socially.

Monthly Q&A Sessions
There's so much to learn that we're sure you'll have plenty of questions. Once a month, SDP teachers will answer any questions about the course material that you might have.

Difference Maker Bonus!
Monthly Q&A Sessions
Our members get exclusive access to our private forums were you can engage with your fellow dancers and, even better, provide videos of your progress and get feedback from SDP master teachers. Feedback is crucial in order to get and stay on the right path.

Still wondering if the SDP ELITE Membership is the right fit for you?
  • If you want to... Break the monotony of the bar scene and still be social and have fun.
  • If you want to... Meet a diverse group of new friends from all walks of life who share a common passion for dancing Salsa.
  • If you want to... Travel to a new city and be able to communicate with people through dance even if you don't speak the same language.
  • If you want to... Learn Salsa in an effective and systematic way.
  • This is FOR YOU!
We get it, you might not feel like you've got what it takes to learn how to dance Salsa. Perhaps you feel it's 'not in your culture' or 'I'm too old to start dancing' but we strongly disagree!

There is an old African proverb that states: "If you can talk, you can sing and if you can walk, you can dance." Yes, even you.

You may not realize it, but dance is primal and you nodding your head to your favorite song on the radio is a display of your inner dancer wanting to burst out!
Our 80-20 Salsa Method™
A proven and effective system to learn Salsa dancing.
Our 80-20 Salsa Method will take the guesswork out of dancing Salsa and provide you with an easy to follow system which naturally progresses in difficulty. Furthermore, we've based our 80-20 Salsa System on the following principles to ensure all SDP ELITE members get a well rounded experience:
We've thought of everything and will continually add new, fresh content to keep you up to date on the latest Salsa trends. Don't delay and start adding Salsa to your life now!
Your investment is protected by our Full and Unconditional 15 Days guarantee. Here's how it works:

We've put our heart and soul into sharing the exact information you need to succeed. We will do our part and all we need is your effort.

If you join our community and, for whatever reason aren't completely satisfied, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

We want you to feel amazing about joining the SDP ELITE and can't wait to get started guiding you on your Salsa journey!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is this different from learning on Youtube?
Vastly! The thing about learning random steps online is that instructors assume you have a solid foundation. We've done the heavy lifting to educate our SDP ELITE students so they understand the essential building blocks of Salsa in a fun, progressive way without the guesswork.
Why is membership a year?
Del and Laura have invested years perfecting their art and will not only introduce to an amazing community of like minded dancers, they also want you to feel confident with your steps and that takes time.
What are the video reviews?
On our SDP Elite forums, we welcome our students to post video links of their progress and we will provide feedback in order to better assist your development. Lack of feedback is the number one complaint we hear from students of other courses as they often feel left on their own without guidance.
What do you cover in the Q&A sessions?
Whatever our students need! We're available to answer any questions and tap into our years of experience with dancing Salsa. Remember, good teachers know what to do, they also know what NOT to do and can help you avoid those pitfalls.
How often is the course updated?
Weekly! The great thing about the SDP ELITE membership is that it won't be the same course a month, 6 months or a year from now. We'll add new, fresh content for our ELITE members to enjoy so the library of material will be ever expanding. You'll never run out of footwork patterns, partner combinations or technical drills to work on and keep you busy and engaged.
Thank you for choosing Salsa Dance Planet, your online source for all of your salsa dancing needs.

Visit us regularly as we'll be uploading new videos on a weekly basis and add even more value to our members area.
Enjoy and keep dancing!
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