Laura was born to dance and perform. Laura's dance career started as being a principal dancer with Decarga Caribe, under the direction of Sekou McMiller. After a couple of years of training, travelling, and teaching with Descarga, Laura decided to open her dance studio, Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy, a lifelong dream.

Over the years, Laura started her own dance company and competed at events such as the Salsa Summit and the Ultimate Latin Dance Championship, and is currently 5 time Salsa Champion. Alongside her dance partner, Laura has choreographed a Latin piece entitled, Sabroso, for the prestigious jazz company, Giordano Dance Chicago. Recently, Laura has had the amazing opportunity to train with world re-known, Yamulee Dance Company, in the boogie down Bronx for 18 months. An absolute dream come true! Now, Laura is part of a ladies duo with Jillian Bruno, which has debuted in New York City as well as working on other projects in Chicago.
A Salsa veteran of over 18 years, Del has traveled all over the world to teaching and performing at various Latin dance events.

He is a native of Chicago and is and a founding member of the legendary Descarga Caribe Dance Company under the guidance of his mentor, Sekou McMiller. Del has also had the chance to train New York City with notable names such as the mambo King Eddie Torres, Tomas Guerrero, Osmar Perrones, and Juan Matos.

Del is also an ex Ballroom competitor, competing in the American Rhythm division for several years placing as a finalist on 2 occasions.

Del has also been fortunate to choreograph for the world famous Giordano Dance Chicago. The piece he helped choreograph was debuted at the Harris Theater to critical praise.

Del currently is a co-founder of the Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy and choreographs and directs both the professional company as well as the semi professional team, Pa'lante.

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